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Rental management

We will manage your property from A to Z. Choose the cooperation with us and be sure that your premise is in safe hands. You, at the same time, will be benefiting from your profits without loosing your nerve or wasting your time and energy.

Finance service

We will take care of all the issues that you do not like to deal with, that are the indispensable elements of any activity consisting in renting apartments or flats.</p> <p>Our offer is as follows: payment of current invoices, management of tenants' payments, media cost calculation, as well as other settlements of payments resulting from your rental agreements.</p> <p>All this is done for you to make money on rental but also to not worry about the financial matters.

Repair service

We do everything to keep your property in good condition for a long time.</p> <p>Within the scope of our offer we provide the services such as: ongoing maintenance work, clearance of faults requiring urgent action as well as periodic inspection of installations.</p> <p>Besides that we cut keys and we provide you the assistance through our emergency phone number, at your disposal 24/7.

Preparation of necessary documentation

We will also take care of the matters related to the preparation of all the important documents and the so-called ``paperwork``.</p> <p>Therefore, by cooperating with us, you will be sure that, on your behalf, we will deal with: preparation of rental agreements (and annexes, if necessary), preparation of property handover reports or even photo documentation.</p> <p>We will take the responsibility for taking out an insurance policy and, in case of any fortuitous event, we will request for you the compensation from the insurance company.

Property inspection

In our scope of duties, in addition to the financial and repair services as well as document management, there is the inspection of your properties.</p> <p>To provide you with peace of mind and to make sure that your property is in good condition, we carry out: periodic inspections of premises and apartments, we make photo documentation of the visit and we take special notes for the owner.

Property upgrade

If you wish, you can entrust us with upgrading work which will result in the increase in your property value.</p> <p>We will be pleased to organize the purchase of necessary furniture, kitchen equipment and other necessary elements.</p> <p>We will supervise the whole process from the beginning until the very end while purchasing, transporting, assembling furniture and cleaning after finishing the work!

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